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1. Shirts

How do I find out about new designs or a reissue of an older design?

There are two ways to hear about offerings (besides checking back to the website, often) - follow us on Twitter & Facebook and/or sign up for our newsletter on our Contact Form.


Why does Hi-BearNation use three T-shirt brands?

We print on American Apparel, Next Level and Gildan T-shirts to be able to offer sizes from small through 5XL in specific fabric colors and fabric blends.


I want this design, but in a different color. Can I order that?

We offer designs only in the colors, styles and fabrics shown.


Can I design a shirt for you?

If you would like to submit a design for our consideration, email us a concept description or an image (jpg, pdf or png file type) to If there is potential, we will contact you directly at the email you have provided. NOTE: We do not pay for designs.


How often do you offer new designs?

There is no magic formula. We plan to offer a new design when sales wane for a given style and/or when we get tired of looking at it as we fold them for shipment.


Where can I find what size to order?

Sizing charts for each T-shirt manufacturer are available on our About page.


How are these shirts printed?

All of our shirts are screen printed by hand at Overproof in Minneapolis, MN.


How accurate are your colors?

We have made every effort to display, as accurately as possible, the colors of our products that appear on the website, however we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor’s display of any color will be accurate.


Will my shirt be exactly identical to the shirt shown on your website?

All shirts are screen printed by hand. As a result of this technique there could be slight variations in the print from one shirt to the next.


What is your return policy?

Our full list of policies related to returns, exchanges and guarantees is listed on our website. If you still have any outstanding questions, email us at There are defined return windows, so please email us your question(s) timely.


Can I be one of your models?

There are several opportunities for you to be a model for Hi-BearNation: 1) submit a video for all our customers to see, 2) send us still photography and we will consider using it on our Facebook fan page, or 3) drop us a line at expressing your interest. Oh yeah!...there is one other way to have your picture on our website, but you will have to figure out that secret for yourself!


2. Shipping

Can I place international orders?

Absolutely. We offer Priority Mail International from the United States Postal Service (USPS).


How long does it take for shirts to arrive?

If we have all the items for your full order in stock, we will ship it within 2-3 business days. If we need to receive items from the printer we anticipate fulfilling your order within 5-7 business days. We will only ship full orders; no partial shipments will be made.

All products are shipped to domestic and international customers using Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service (USPS). From the time shipped, Domestic shipments arrive within 3-5 days, while International shipments can take up to 14 days.


What shipping methods do you use?

All products are shipped to domestic and international customers using Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service (USPS).


How can I calculate what the shipping will cost for my order?

All of the shipping rates are published at our website on the About page in the Shipping & Handling section.


Where in the world do you ship?

Using the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ship provides access to over 190 countries. If we find that we cannot ship to your country, we will contact you about alternative arrangements.


Can I track my shipment?

When your order is shipped your Delivery Confirmation Tracking Number will be emailed to you. Please note that the email will be coming to you from USPS's email account Add this email to your address book to ensure it is not marked as Spam or junk mail.


3. Store

Is tax included in my order?

Clothing is exempt from Minnesota sales and use tax.

If you are located in an area with a local tax, local sales or use tax may be due; it is your responsibility to determine if you must pay local sales or use tax. If you have questions, contact your local Department of Revenue.


Do you offer gift certificates?

We have the ability offer gift certificates. Please contact us at and we will make arrangements to send you a PayPal invoice.


Is this online shopping cart secure?

Hi-BearNation uses Big Cartel for the shopping cart and PayPal for the payment transactions. Some of these pages require information is certified as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) pages. We appreciate the importance of providing a secure environment on our website for the purpose of providing credit card information to process orders and applications. We will take all reasonable and customary steps to protect your provided information. We recommend you use all means necessary to protect your personal information.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept major credit cards through PayPal.


Do I need a PayPal account to purchase from this store?

You are not required to have a PayPal account to purchase from Hi-BearNation, however if you do have a PayPal account…why not use it, right?


How will I be charged? How will this appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will be charged by G-G Amalgamated, LLP.


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do offer wholesale. Please contact Matthew directly at


Does Hi-BearNation ever design shirts for events, organizations, limited-edition or specialty sales?

We are not opposed to it, however it all depends on our production schedule. Whenever possible, please submit requests to 90 calendar days in advance for consideration.


Can I place a bulk order?

Bulk orders and mixed-large orders are accepted. Contact us at so that we can discuss your order.


Do you offer other products with your designs on them?

T-shirts is the name of the game at the moment, however please let us know if you are interested in that option; we are trying to gauge whether we should offer them in the future.


4. General

Do I have to be a bear to wear Hi-BearNation products?

Our designs do not discriminate. We say if it fits, wear it.


I am like Fuzzy Wuzzy – I am not very fuzzy. Are your shirts right for me?

Absolutely! If you love the design, get it on your back!


I am concerned with Spam. Will you sell my email address?

We hate Spam, too. Hi-BearNation will not sell email addresses to any third party.


5. Company

Where is Hi-BearNation located?

Hi-BearNation is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.


Is Hi-BearNation gay-owned?

Hi-BearNation is gay owned and operated. We proudly employee workers of all sex, orientation, background, heritage and shoe size.


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