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Awesome Shirt Giveaway Concludes 11/7/10

November 7, 2010

Over 500 people have told Hi-BearNation what is on their mind. We appreciate all the great feedback and responses.

We have notified the winners of the five Grand Prizes. Look for an email from Hi-BearNation about what you have won. Actual winners will be announced as soon as we have confirmation from each of the winners. Please respond promptly so that we make get your booty off to you and tell everyone that you won!

Don’t worry if you entered, but were not selected as a winner! There is something special coming to your email from Hi-BearNation just for entering.

Just because the contest is over, please do not let that stop you from letting us know what is on your mind. Use our contact page on or past on our Facebook Fan Page!

As a reminder, this is what our contestants were playing for…
First Place: 3 T-shirts of your choosing
Second Place: 1 T-shirt of your choosing + 1 SCRATCH T-shirt
Third Place: 1 T-shirt of your choosing + a Tri-bear poster
Fourth Place: 1 T-shirt of your choosing
Fifth Place: a Tri-bear poster

We sincerely appreciate everyone that took the time to enter! Thanks again!

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